Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear SATs

Dear SATs,
I know that I decided spur of the moment that I was going to take you so that I can go to PSU, but do you really have to be cruel like this?

It's only 8:30am and it's SO SUNNY. I want to be outside! Work on my tan! Read a book!

But no, I'm stuck inside getting ready for you.

Ya, I could study outside at the picnic table...but you'd ruin it. I'd get that yearning to go frolic in the grass. You are worse than my daughter. At least I can frolic with her! You just lay there...lazy bastard.

I accept 100% that for the next weeks my life is going to revolve around you...but don't get used to the attention. You mean NOTHING to me. Okay, you mean SOMETHING just not as much as Oppa.

AND DON'T GET JEALOUS. He and I have something you and I will never have.

Don't get any ideas either. He's mine.

Please accept the fact that I am still going to try to have a life outside of you. But you can still have my evenings (most of the time).

In return, I only hope that you'll remember the dedication and time I have put into our relationship and you'll help me do well when I am tested.

Remember the times we will have gone through. The toil and sweat I put in. Maybe I'll even take you frolicking! Would that help?

Sincerely Love,
One stressed out blogger.


  1. Hahaha. It will be worth it. But I'm watching you SAT. If you make any moves...I will find you and you will not be happy!!

  2. You will have your revenge on The Evil One - when you first kick its academic butt, and then nail its scholastic hide to the wall.

    Meanwhile, you are setting SUCH a good example for your daughter!