Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear SATs

Dear SATs,
I know that I decided spur of the moment that I was going to take you so that I can go to PSU, but do you really have to be cruel like this?

It's only 8:30am and it's SO SUNNY. I want to be outside! Work on my tan! Read a book!

But no, I'm stuck inside getting ready for you.

Ya, I could study outside at the picnic table...but you'd ruin it. I'd get that yearning to go frolic in the grass. You are worse than my daughter. At least I can frolic with her! You just lay there...lazy bastard.

I accept 100% that for the next weeks my life is going to revolve around you...but don't get used to the attention. You mean NOTHING to me. Okay, you mean SOMETHING just not as much as Oppa.

AND DON'T GET JEALOUS. He and I have something you and I will never have.

Don't get any ideas either. He's mine.

Please accept the fact that I am still going to try to have a life outside of you. But you can still have my evenings (most of the time).

In return, I only hope that you'll remember the dedication and time I have put into our relationship and you'll help me do well when I am tested.

Remember the times we will have gone through. The toil and sweat I put in. Maybe I'll even take you frolicking! Would that help?

Sincerely Love,
One stressed out blogger.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Better late than never.

I forgot to post a blog post on Friday. Well, I didn't forget. I had every intention of posting, but Oppa was over and I got distracted.
It's been a surprisingly good day today. Today has been a huge family day. We never go out just the three of us EVER. It's usually just my mom and me. But today, my sister joined us. We had so much fun.
It started at my sister's work. We decided to go through the car wash. When the car wash attendant asked my mom if she wanted an upgraded car wash, she sat there for maybe 5 minutes looking over all the upgrades to finally decide she wanted just the basic car wash (it's a good thing that no one was behind us.)
Then, we went out for sushi and when we got out of the car, my sister realized that her dress had been shut in the door so it was soaked from the car wash.
We got inside the sushi bar and I was feeling a bit daredevilish. I tried a bunch of new things. Bad idea. At least my mom and sister got a few kicks out of it.
For the rest of the time, I was just enjoying time with my sister. Time that I missed so much. We should never be together in public though. It gets dangerous. Take this for example; we were at Lowe's. We needed help getting some stepping stones in our cart so we volunteered my sister's services.

Me: Sis, go get someone to help us.
Sister: Why do I have to!?
Me: Because you're the cute one.
-Sister looks for assistance-
Mom: You know, you're cute too.
Me: Ya, but right now I'm not wearing the clothes to flirt...OH WAIT! -rips off over shirt- There we go.

Don't worry, I was wearing a camisole underneath. 

Now, we're home and I'm happily exhausted. But, there is more work to be done in the garden! Gotta let my babies get some nice sun and plant some flowers. I also got a topsy turvey thingiemajiger. Hopefully I can get some strawberries out of that.
I leave you with these pictures. Enjoy! 

My sister being a nerd and Hadoukening it up.

Me at the sushi bar with my family.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

You can't bring me down!

I thought today was going to be a bad day. I woke up today with a scratchy throat. For the most part, it's gone away. Maybe I did something horrendous in my sleep. I'll have to ask Oppa (my boyfriend) later. Also, last night I was feeling so ugly that I couldn't help but cry. I woke up with low expectations for today. Boy was I wrong.
For some reason, hearing Oppa's voice in the morning makes it near impossible to wake up grouchy. Today though, his voice seemed to compare to the voice of the Doctor because I woke up so happy I was scared of myself.
Upon going downstairs, I was greeted by my 5 year old nephew who told me he had a bad dream. While holding him, he was telling me about it. Something about a toy phone and eating him... During that time, I was texting Oppa and since apparently the whole world knows that whenever I text, 9 times out of 10 it's with him, the conversation quickly moved onto him. Here's how it went:

Nephew: When is Oppa coming over next?
Me: Either tonight or tomorrow, hun.
Nephew: Oh, cool. Can we play video games?
Me: Sure, what video game do you want to play?
Nephew: Oh, aunty I meant Oppa. Sorry, he's too cool.

Hear that, Oppa? You're cooler than me.

Oh, and I checked my little babies today. More are sprouting! Soon they will need to be transplanted and I will happily be in my environment. I can't wait.
After all that, EVEN MORE good things happened to me. The first sip of Calypso lemonade. Heaven. Talking to my best friend about a certain guy in my life that I'd love to just do horrible things to. Pure bliss. Then, reading a blog post from one of the best Crone's in the world. Always brings a smile to my face.

I believe today is going to be a good day. For now, it's time to eat curry, drink Calypso, and watch some Korean dramas!

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and glorious day like I will.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not so straight and to the point.

You know when you go through your normal routine and you just do it? Nothing in your routine ever makes you feel bad, but nothing ever makes you feel good either. That's how my life normally goes. Well, went. It ended when I met my boyfriend.
We haven't been going out for very long. Going on 3 months. But, ever since I've met him, I didn't want to keep doing the normal routine. In fact, I hate my normal routine now. I live every day now to it's fullest. He's totally made my life do a turn around.
Don't get me wrong, I still do my normal routine, although it's been shaken up a bit for the better! I usually wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal now...but that's okay. In fact, I love it. I get to see my boyfriend before we start our days (thank you Skype!) and when we're together, nothing is EVER normal.
Maybe that's why I hate the fact that my normal routine is TOO normal. Because when I'm with him, things are so far from normal that when he's not around and normality sets in, I don't know what to do. I want every aspect of my life to be amazing.
 I've also started scripting for a server that he and I have created. Although, at this point in time, I have hit the biggest road block in existence and can't find my way around it for the life of me. It WAS fun. But now all it makes me want to do is throw every piece of technology I own out the window as an act of liberation. I know I can do that without hurting their feelings. They know I'd come back out for them. Especially my phone. I'd be so lost without that hunk of junk. Okay, and my laptop. Maybe I should just not follow through with my liberation.
Another major project I've started doing is helping my mom with her backyard. She wants to make a natural playscape and flower beds galore. I have always loved gardening. It amplified when I was a sophomore in high school and took every class I possibly could on Horticulture. In fact, I took 3 years of Horticulture and 2 years of Landscape & Design. After that, I coined the nickname 'Flower Girl' and have been the go to girl when it comes to planting ever since. So, when my mom asked me to help of course I jumped right on that.
It doesn't take up too much of my day. I already made the flower beds (with my boyfriend's help) and I already planted seeds. Now, I just have to wait for them to grow big enough to transplant. It takes about 5-10 minutes of my day to check on, what my mom calls, my children.
But those 5-10 minutes I am at total peace. I am genuinely happy. Just seeing my little babies growing. It puts my heart in such bliss that I wish I did it all day! Which is why I decided to do this blog. I wanted to share my bliss with everyone. Everyone should have bliss in their life. I also wanted to brag about my babies growing. I guess to brag about my daughter too.,..but that's what Facebook is for.
So, here it is. My blog. I am going to use this to blog about what happens in my life. It's ups and downs. Mostly about gardening though.