Sunday, May 6, 2012

Better late than never.

I forgot to post a blog post on Friday. Well, I didn't forget. I had every intention of posting, but Oppa was over and I got distracted.
It's been a surprisingly good day today. Today has been a huge family day. We never go out just the three of us EVER. It's usually just my mom and me. But today, my sister joined us. We had so much fun.
It started at my sister's work. We decided to go through the car wash. When the car wash attendant asked my mom if she wanted an upgraded car wash, she sat there for maybe 5 minutes looking over all the upgrades to finally decide she wanted just the basic car wash (it's a good thing that no one was behind us.)
Then, we went out for sushi and when we got out of the car, my sister realized that her dress had been shut in the door so it was soaked from the car wash.
We got inside the sushi bar and I was feeling a bit daredevilish. I tried a bunch of new things. Bad idea. At least my mom and sister got a few kicks out of it.
For the rest of the time, I was just enjoying time with my sister. Time that I missed so much. We should never be together in public though. It gets dangerous. Take this for example; we were at Lowe's. We needed help getting some stepping stones in our cart so we volunteered my sister's services.

Me: Sis, go get someone to help us.
Sister: Why do I have to!?
Me: Because you're the cute one.
-Sister looks for assistance-
Mom: You know, you're cute too.
Me: Ya, but right now I'm not wearing the clothes to flirt...OH WAIT! -rips off over shirt- There we go.

Don't worry, I was wearing a camisole underneath. 

Now, we're home and I'm happily exhausted. But, there is more work to be done in the garden! Gotta let my babies get some nice sun and plant some flowers. I also got a topsy turvey thingiemajiger. Hopefully I can get some strawberries out of that.
I leave you with these pictures. Enjoy! 

My sister being a nerd and Hadoukening it up.

Me at the sushi bar with my family.

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  1. No picture of the ripping-off-shirt moment? Oppa WILL be disappointed!