Friday, February 22, 2013

Seattle: Part 1

Today was the first of 3 days with Oppa in Seattle.  We got up at 5am and got to his house by 6:30am to catch the train...which got delayed an hour (of course).
The train was awesome except the fact that I discovered my pure hatred for walking on moving trains.  And using the bathroom...let me tell you, that shit is IMPOSSIBLE.
We got to Seattle and got partially lost on the way to the hotel.  I could tell that Oppa was getting really frustrated but I was having a lot of fun just wandering around.  When we finally made it to the hotel, I was surprised at how nice the room is.  He'll tell you the best part about the room is that the fixtures in the bathroom are made of gold, but I really like how big and comfy the bed is!!!!
We went down to Pike Place Market today too.  Okay, we went down to the Waterfront to try to find Pike Place Market and discovered the aquarium, the harbor, and the cruise ships.  Oppa finally found a map and discovered that the market was actually back where we came from (next to the aquarium.)
We walked around Pike Place Market and I gawked at all the cool stuff (and wished I had definitely saved more money for the trip.)  Next time we come, I am definitely getting one of those handmade journals.  We went to a bunch of different shops and he even showed me this doughnut stand that actually makes their doughnuts right in front of you!  It's so cool.  Kinda like the conveyor belt doughnut shop at Seaside.
By the time we got back to the hotel room, we were both SO tired that we decided to order out.  Thank goodness Max had this Seattle app on his tablet or else we wouldn't have discovered this really amazing Thai place that delivered RIGHT TO OUR DOOR.  Holy crap.  They even had Thai Ice Tea which is my new favorite thing since I tried it while eating dinner with Max's family (even better than...dare I say it...BUBBLE TEA!)  Oh, and we had the most amazing gyros today too from this hole in the wall place that I don't even think had a name.  It was really offsetting in the building but their food is AMAZING.
Tomorrow, we get to go to the aquarium, UWAJIMAYA (so excited for that), the first Starbucks, Space Needle, EMP, and some other stuff that Oppa won't tell me about.

I can't wait.

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